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JMS Policies & Requirements

Welcome to Jamieson’s Music Studio! Please review the following studio information and policies.


Students will get as much out of music as they put in. This includes listening and behaving during lessons. Make sure you talk with your child about absorbing everything that is taught in the lesson so you can effectively practice it during the week! 



Students need to prepare for each lesson by making progress on all parts of the weekly assignment. This requires a commitment to practicing the piano/guitar/vocals at home each day. Practice times will vary throughout the year depending on our goals and projects. Parents should ensure that children practice at least 4-5 days each week, as consistency is the key to long-term success. 


We have a very effective practice log that is sent home weekly explaining what we did in lessons and what your child is to practice. If you follow this and set your children on a daily routine, practicing will be a breeze! 


We help the students keep track of what to practice by writing everything they need in their practice logs. You can help by making sure your children fill in their practice log each week. Most children can achieve positive results as follows: 


  • Age 5-6: 10-15 minutes daily (4-5 days a week) 

  • Age 7-9: 15-20 minutes daily (5 days a week) 

  • Age 10-12: 30 minutes daily (5-6 days a week) 

  • Age 13+: 30-45 minutes daily (7 days a week) 



If a student is being dropped off for lessons, there is a waiting room for them to quietly wait for their lesson time. Please show up as close to your lesson time as possible to avoid crowding in the waiting area. Parents are asked to wait in their vehicles in the parking lot unless they have made arrangements to wait in the waiting area. After the lesson is done, students are more than welcome to wait for someone to pick them up but are the responsibility of the parent/guardian once the lesson is finished. Parents/Guardians are also more than welcome to wait quietly in the waiting room. There is absolutely no running or loud playing allowed in the hallway outside of the lesson rooms. There is absolutely no outdoor footwear allowed in the fusion. Please send indoor footwear if your child requires it. 


MISSED LESSONS (please read carefully) 

If you are unable to attend a lesson please give 24 hours’ notice otherwise that lesson will not be made up for any reason. It is up to you, the parent, to call and make up the lesson(s) missed. We normally do not close on Monday holidays or during reading weeks unless otherwise advised. If you know ahead of time that your child will be away or unable to attend please let us know at least 24 hours before the lesson date and we can schedule a make-up. Makeup lesson time is limited so we would advise students not to miss lessons unless absolutely necessary.


Any lesson that is missed without notice will not be made up and you will be charged full lesson price. 


Please remember we are reserving a spot for your child for the entire semester. Credit for fees will not be issued after November 1st  and  March 1st

JMS Policies: Admissions
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